Friday, September 5, 2008


In case you didn't notice ........ I love PINK FLOYD. Their music is like dreams and fantasy to me. Listening to their music puts me in such a good place. It also reminds me of my younger more carefree days in the 70's. Yes I am that old. Ha Ha.

Do you remember those times? When you wore bell bottom hip huggers? When embroidery on your jeans was so cool? Of course you did that yourself. You didn't buy them that way. I loved them. Oh those were the days.

My bedroom was painted black enamel and I had black light posters all over my room. My bedroom was formerly a sunroom in a very old house. I had two sets of French doors going into it and a door on each end. It was long and narrow. It was just wide enough for me to put a daybed at each end. One was in black velvet and the other was red velvet. I had no solid wall. There were windows everywhere except the wall that connected to the house. That is where the two sets of French doors were. Drapery cost a fortune. They were really thick red drapes with a black print. My room was uber cool.

I would wake up in the mornings sometimes and my younger brother and his friends would be asleep on my floor. I guess they really liked my room. I also must have been sleeping like the dead. I typically didn't sleep much so when I did I was out.

You know I really envy the teenagers today with all the technology available to them. We didn't have cable, VCRs, Cd's, DVDs, cell phones or even pagers. We certainly didn't have computers and the Internet. I LOVE the Internet. It is such a wonderful place to be. I can research, entertain, educate, communicate and work all from one little device. That device can be my desktop, my laptop and has even been on my cell phone. Way too cool.

I know I am dating myself here but I don't care. I think it is fun to reminisce about the past and all those "good" old times. LOL. I have recently connected with some of my old friends from high school. That is really a treat to me. We start talking about all the crazy zany stuff we used to do. I was so mean in a way. I wasn't really mean but I liked to pick on my best friends. I had one friend that had a knock out figure and I called her "bottle butt". I don't know why. It was terrible of me but I wasn't trying to be malicious.

I got married very young. I really didn't want to get married but I did. Not because I was pregnant or anything. I remember smashing a handful of spaghetti in his face. He had made me mad and would not shut up. So the spaghetti facial happened. I ran and locked myself in the bathroom to avoid retaliation. I am so laughing right now thinking of that. My hubby had very curly hair. I called him "rug head". Didn't bother him at all. People seemed to have lots of nicknames back then. One of my was "little shit ass". That was what rug head called me. You can probably guess why.

Bottle butt's younger sister was also a best friend and we called her "breeze". I had another girlfriend that we called "Rufus". There was Gladys, Mushhead, Moan, Hoghead and on and on. was a fun time as I am sure it is for most teens. Maybe it didn't feel so fun at the time and I know it felt a lot more serious than it does now when looking back. We think everything is about the now and this and that and when you get past all those crazy years you realize you should have just relaxed and enjoyed it more. I guess what they say is mostly true......"Youth is wasted on the young".

Which brings me to the present. I just need to relax and enjoy it more. I need to connect with those good friends that I can. Some of them are no longer with us due to illness, accidents or dumb ass drug addictions. I don't understand that last one. If you can make it through your teen years, high school and all that angst what happens to you to make you 20+ years later turn to drugs. What a shame.

Anyway..... until next time I am Tongue Tied and Twisted


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