Saturday, September 6, 2008


Sometimes I have the strangest dreams. Wait. That is a false statement. I always have strange dreams. Some are just more enjoyable or scary or make me angry. I have had dreams where I wake up and then go back to sleep and start back up where I left off. I haven't had dreams like that in a long time.

I once had a dream that my husband at the time was having an affair and had left me. It was so vivid. I woke up angry as hell. I felt that same anger all day. I knew it was a dream but the feelings were real. I don't know if that was my subconscious or what. I did find out that he did have some questionable relationships along the way. Although he adamantly denied it I found out later that he was quite the liar.

It is funny where your dreams pull their content from. Last night I had a dream about a guy I went out with one time in high school. We never even kissed. I haven't been in high school in 30 years. I dreamed we saw each other, he was coaching a basketball team and he was excited to see me and kissed me several times. This was quite pleasurable but he didn't really look like the guy from school and his name wasn't the same. In the dream he was Carl. In truth, I can't remember his name.

Then my dream leaped to me and two other women, one of them was Sarah Jessica Parker, and we were going to see a movie. I think the movie had Robert Downey Jr. in it and I was trying to tell them my favorite movie of his. The guys in front of us kept telling me to shut up. I was whispering and couldn't see how this disturbed them. They called management on me. By this time the whole theater was standing up and I felt like I was in the spotlight. I asked my friends to leave with me and we did. I then threw away my popcorn, which I normally love, and said it sucked anyway. They all agreed and we went into a mall. From there it gets hazy. Are you still awake with my boring dialog?

I have had sexual dreams too. Who hasn't? The funny thing is I get very into the dream, have all these physical and emotional feelings and I want to succumb to it. But I don't. Even in my dreams I am faithful. Damn.

I often wonder why I have dreams about people and places or events that I consciously haven't thought about in so many years. Isn't the brain a very strange thing? I should probably get a dream analysis book. Maybe I can uncover what they really mean. Maybe they are just my brains way of entertaining me or giving me what it thinks I need. Who knows.

Until the next time........I am Tongue Tied and Twisted